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International Development Institute

Guiding Principle. The Principle of Development.

In my view, there are multiple ways of dealing with various predicaments such as diseases, conflicts, familial and social problems, wars, etc. in the World. Prevalent among them are:

1) Fighting and elimination;
2) Escape;
3) Development.
Concept of Fight
The concept of fight implies existence of an enemy or an opponent who needs to be fought. On numerous occasions has humankind seen the most harmful consequences brought about by this concept. When a fight with would lead to a greater evil. It is easiest to regard everything you don’t know how to cooperate with as your enemy.
Concept of Escape
The concept of escape implies escape from facing the conflicting factors. It is a dead-end strategy as no one can forever avoid facing at least his or her own internal conflicts.
Concept of Development
The concept of development implies development of skills of “becoming aware of” and cooperation with self, other people and the rest of the World. For instance, development and search for peace in lieu of a victory in the war, development and search for health in lieu of fighting diseases and so on.
The concept of development does not imply absence of conflicts. As dialectics has shown, contradictions are a source of development. This concept implies constructive approach to conflicts, as well as respect to many possible venues of development.
The principle of development does not deny the right of existence to the principles of fight and escape. In my view, in today’s World, fight and escape are used extensively since they don’t require awareness. This Institute is created to restore the balance.

Aims of the Institute

The main aim of the Institute is to support and unite people and organizations who share its guiding principle. Dissemination of specialised knowledge and skills aligned with the guiding principle, in the fields of psychology, education, medicine, politics, etc.

Principles of Social Ecology

1. Occurrence of conflicts is unavoidable. As dialectics has shown, unity and conflict of opposites are a natural source of development. The problems lie not in the fact of the conflict but in the choice of behavioral strategy in the conflict.
2. Any conflict is a misunderstanding. Literally, «lack of understanding». When understanding is found, the conflict gets over.
3. There are three basic strategies of behavior in the conflict: fight, escape and development. Desire to win in the conflict does not lead to resolution since the root causes of the conflict are not out there in the world but in the very consciousness of each conflicting party. Alleged victory in the conflict simply shifts the conflict onto a different plane. Often that plane appears quite removed from the field of the conflict. In my picture of the world, in the countries where the “war on terrorism” is waged, it is often good citizens who start to behave like terrorists and shoot their own neighbours.
4. For any conflict situation, there are solutions perfectly suitable to all the conflicting parties. Such solutions cannot be a result of a consensus that equally poorly suits all the parties; instead, they are solutions of a totally different level, enabling the best possible development of each of the parties.
5. Search for such solutions is possible and the humanity has long developed tools for the same. However, the solutions are not being sought due to the prevailing stereotypes adopted at the majority of social institutes.
6. Resolution of internal contradictions a priori leads to resolution of external conflicts. The opposite is also true: search of solutions at the different level in external conflicts a priori leads to resolution of internal contradictions.
7. The path of development looks more difficult than the paths of fight and escape, however, from the point of view of social ecology it is the only path worth treading as only this path leads to the evolution of consciousness.
Indeed, ladies and gentlemen. There is sufficient potential of rationality accumulated on the planet to stop driving the wheel of fight of everything with everything. Creativity is a no less engaging activity and brings more happiness.

Pura Vida. With all my love. Viacheslav Gusev
Translated by Yana Kalinina.